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Subscription boxes are all the rage at the moment! You can get everything from hot sauces to kit-kats in every flavour imaginable delivered directly to your door on a one-off or monthly basis. Now, I like hitting the high street just as much as the next fashionista but there is something about having fashion delivered right to your door that gets me oh so excited, after all, who doesn’t love a bit of mystery AND getting beautiful things in the post?  Read on for my low down on 4 different subscriptions that I can’t wait to try out!

Gambettes Box

I love to wear dresses, there is something about pulling one on that makes me feel extra womanly. Growing up as a bonafide tomboy, the last thing I ever wanted to be put into was a dress but as I got older I found myself being more and more attracted to them. I’ll be honest; they make me feel super sexy and are great year round. They are ideal for wet weather- no soggy trouser bottoms to deal with and in summer they are light and breezy. I did learn pretty quickly that dresses and tights go hand in hand so I absolutely adore the concept behind Gambettes Box. For only £13.90 per month, you will receive two pairs of top quality tights through your letterbox each month. From the wardrobe staple of black opaque tights to delicately patterned, sophisticated pantyhose in a variety of wearable colours (no rainbow colours here) you will love the selection.


Hire the Catwalk

Technically this is not a subscription service but it does get delivered right to your door! Hire the Catwalk allows you to rent clothes of amazing quality for as little as £25. Whether you need a ball gown for a formal event or just want to feel fabulous on a night out in a fun and flirty cocktail dress. As I’ve mentioned, I was a fairly late convert to the wonders of dresses so this service is like being in a sweetie shop and lets me try out all sorts of different styles.


Rachel Zoe Box of Stlye

This particular subscription comes all the way from America on a quarterly basis so expect to pay a little over £10  for international shipping to get it to you. At just under £75 pounds it is also one of the most expensive I have considered but you get a whopping value for that price tag. Each box contains about 6-9 items that together total just under £300 worth of stuff. Curated by American style guru, Rachel Zoe, you can expect a mix of top-end accessories, makeup and seasonal items like sunglasses and stoles.


Infinity Crates

My last consideration will seem like quite the departure after the Rachel Zoe box, but I’m a girl of varied interests!  Infinity crates tap into your love of all things nerdy and geeky. When you sign up for it you will be asked to specify your likes: Game of thrones, Marvel, DC, Doctor Who, Xmen etc. £23.99 per month will get you a premium crate that includes 2 t-shirts and all manner of pop culture bits and pieces, they do offer a t-shirt only service for only £7.99 but if you are like me you might not be able to resist getting even more goodies in the mail!

With so much choice, I’m certainly going to have a hard time deciding which one to choose!

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