Girdles, suspenders, unmentionables; Oh my!

And what are unmentionables I hear you ask? Well way back in the retro age of the 1950s unmentionables was one the many polite terms for undergarments. Other terms included cutty sarks, pretties and tap pants. Pinup style fashion has seen a resurgence of popularity in recent years and with it has been a growing demand for modern takes on the underwear that underpinned the style.

The history of underwear is a fascinating one and when you pair it with the changing things that people want from their underwear it becomes even more so. In many ways, we have almost come full circle from the days of the 1950’s pretties. As time moved on ladies wanted more comfortable underwear and in colours that were a bit more interesting than muted beige or white cotton. Underwear companies responded and there is no shortage of bras, underwears and slips in every type of material, colours and patterns imaginable. I am a huge fan of releasing the girls from their brassiere cage at the end of a long day and certainly have my comfy, go-to bras for when I am feeling a bit delicate. That said though, there is something about the complex 1950’s underwear that really appeals to me and I have been experimenting recently with modern-day versions of these unmentionables of old that offer a touch more comfort than the originals as well as being simply drop dead gorgeous.

Kiss me deadly & Hepburn and Leigh

My favourite websites to drool over are those guys above. Created by the same person, Kiss Me Deadly came first and is now one the leading independent lingerie companies in the UK, after the runaway success of their own designs they decide to give other independent companies a leg up and created Hepburn and Leigh as a way to showcase and sell other fantastic brands.  If you want to get an understanding of modern pin-up lingerie both these sights are a great place to start. The price tag for some of the items may seem a bit eye-watering but it is well worth it for the quality and sheer beauty of the pieces.


Get the real deal

If your appetite for vintage undergarments has been well and truly whetted you might want to look into getting yourself some original pieces. There is a whole range of sites where you can buy genuine vintage underwear, from corsets to suspenders to girdles and a whole host of other items that we are less familiar with nowadays. Checl sites like Ebay and Etsy for vendors selling originals. If you are sceptical about the quality of a piece of clothing from the 1950’s I would remind you that there was no fast fashion back in those day’s clothes were bulti to last and undergarments were no exception. Sizing does differ when dealing with vintage clothing so look for vendors who will take the time to go over sizing with you and help you find the right items for you.


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