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Much has been done to bring plus-sized fashion to the forefront of the industry, this push for inclusivity has been successful in  many ways with a huge uptick in the number of designers expanding their sizes to be more inclusive of bigger body shapes and there has also been a huge leap forward in the visibility of plus-sized models, not only in advertising but on the runway too. It strikes me as odd then, that in this push for fashion inclusivity that a similar spotlight has not been focused on petite sized women.

What is petite sized?

Frist of all I want to make it crystal clear that petite sizing has absolutely nothing to do with weight, it is all about height. If you are 5 foot, 4 inches or less than you fit into the petite range regardless of how much you weigh or what dress size you wear. Finding clothes to fit you when you are petite is not simply a case of shortening hems and taking up sleeves, there are over 20 measurements that need to be adjusted to better fit the petite sized among us. Similarly to plus-sized clothes, there are a number of ticks that designers can use to flatter the shorter figure, the use of smaller buttons, for example, is a favourite way to make clothes seem more in proportion, as is using smaller prints and vertical stripes to elongate the body in the mind’s eye.

Great places to find petite clothing:

Everyone deserves to feel fabulous which is why I consulted some of my petite sized friends to find their  favourite places to get clothes that work for them:


ASOS petite range

For fun flirty fashions ASOS is an ideal place to look first. You can even find bridesmaid and formal dresses here that follow current trends rather than looking like a kids party dress. You’ll also be able to browse pyjamas and more tantalising nightwear specially designed for the shorter frame here as well.



Jeetly was a name that popped up again and again when discussing the best places to pick up petite’s. They are a petite’s only fashion brand so they truly know their stuff, so much so that when it came to finding fashionable and professional looking clothes for work this was pretty much everyone’s first stop. At £95 for a suit jacket and around £68 for matching trousers they are not necessarily the most budget-friendly of places but the quality of the clothes speaks for themselves. For investment clothes, this is the place to go.



As I said before, no matter your weight if you are 5ft 4 or under you are considered petite. However, for the plus-sized petite ladies out there, it can be extremely difficult to find clothing in larger sizes that also cater to the petite person’s needs. Catherines has a huge range of petite’s that come in their sizes of 14-32. Catherines is USA based plus size company so expect to pay a little bit more for shipping and remember to factor in customs fees with your purchase.



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