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We might still be feeling the effects of winter but wedding invitations for the summer season are flowing in, and if like me, you have multiple wedding to go this summer, the thought of getting a hole of multiple wedding-worthy outfits and still having enough money left over for rent feels, just a little bit daunting then boy do I have some good news for you!


Friends who know me well are well aware of my rather intense and in-depth relationship with New Look. It has seen me through a multitude of life stages from clobber for clubbing to appropriate job interview attire and to be honest, a number of fashion disasters that thankfully no photographic evidence of exists.

When looking for outfits for weddings I always check out what is on offer with them because of the reasonable prices and the fact I can usually repurpose an outfit for other occasions too. To make my wedding splurging even better there are some lovely deals I just found for New Look that I am planning to use for wedding guest outfits that I’ve had my eyes on for a while now.


Culotte jumpsuits

Oh, the words of praise that I could sing for both jumpsuits and culottes! There are so many in fact, that when I laid eyes on the culotte jumpsuit from New Look they all tumbled out of my mouth at the same time and at such a  pitch that every dog for a 10 mile diameter ducked for cover. I love this modern classy look for a wedding. I especially love the crossover v neck top that gives lots of layering opportunities and the 3/4 length leg length because it is the perfect opportunity to showcase a fabulous pair of shoes.


Scalloped lace

Lace used to make me think of the dollies my granny had on the backs and arms of all her chairs and it wasn’t until fairly recently that I was convinced I could pull off a whole outfit of it. Another of the many things I have New Look to thank for is this turn around on my lace outlook. The AX Paris plum lace dress is top of my list of looks to try out, I love the way the dark colour and lace play with one another and although I am not usually a fan of halter neck style tops I am more than willing to make an exception for this dress.

Accessorise your hair

I love to play around with how accessories can change the look of a dress or outfit. Adding a belt or layering a series of necklaces can give your look a totally different feel, however, sometimes I feel like too many accessories can give an overly heavy feel or are simply a bit jangly for a wedding atmosphere. Hair chains and combs are my new favourite go-to for wedding accessorising; it does double duty of jazzing up the outfit and also means I don’t need to worry about the hat, fascinator or no hat at all conundrum.

With so much choice and being able to get some great money off offers, I am positively excited to strut my stuff this wedding season.


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